Install Anti-Glare Solar System for a Pleasing Voyage!

Sailing through widespread limpid blue water is definitely a blissful experience but this enticing journey can turn excruciating with the blazing sun overhead. So, it is quite essential to have a well-equipped marine craft to relish voyaging on the blue bed. Usually, the intense glare of the sun starts heating up the sea craft and makes sailor feel uncomfortable. It also causes stress on eyes and ultimately decreases the vision clarity making marine controller not able to read the equipment clearly that leads to an increase in chances of accidents and collision. Therefore, to make your cruising experience more enjoyable and cheerful, our company NAVIGlare brings forth an exclusive range of anti-glare window system to guard against the adverse effects of the scorching sun rays. We are providing finest quality anti-glare solar control window shades which effectively work in eliminating the agonizing effects of glaring sun rays.

Our premium window shades are manufactured with latest LLumar technology which is perfectly suitable for the requirements of the maritime industry. It reduces the heating effects of sun by blocking its entrance and offers soothing and relaxing ambience. also, it provides crystal clear window system to avoid reflection and improve safety feature to minimize the risk of accidents. NAVIGlare is well renowned company that has carved a niche in this industry by providing high quality anti-glare solar system and by rendering outstanding window shades installation services. We understand the requirement of our valuable customers. Therefore, we only offer superior quality products at highly affordable price.

Advantages of Installing Window Shades and Blinds

• Shields against UV rays by blocking its entrance up to 99% and prevent skin damaging ailments.
• Reduces eye strain problem occur due to the glaring sun rays.
• Useful for enhancing privacy level with its one way vision clarity feature.
• Manufactured with high-tech LLumar technology.
• Prevents expensive decorative items of the interiors from hazardous sunrays.
• Qualifies all the quality standards and exclusively tested by fire retardant.
• Offers soothing environment inside the cabin and improves efficiency of electrical appliances by reducing heating effects of the sun.

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